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Thought and dedicated is this site first for people feeling uncomfortable in 12 step groups (Alcoholics Anonymous = AA, Relatives of Alcoholics = Al-Anon, Emotions Anonymous = EA, Narcotics Anoynmous = NA, Overeaters Anonymous = OA, SA etc.), or forced to join 12 step groups or to those who left already these groups succesfully.

What are 12 Step Groups?

Well known 12 step groups which appear in public as self helping groups are AA, EA, NA. Alcoholcs Anonymous, Emotional Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The're are lot more offsprings known, like Overeaters Anonymous and also odd ones like e.g. HIV Anonymous.

To Whom is this Site NOT Dedicatet to?

Topic of this site aren't the problems this cult officially representing in public as self support groups, but the cult itself.

Who thinks or really has problems with drinking or think or really has a drinking relative, or abuses substances, is wrong here. That's not the topic of this site.

For serious problems with substance abuse there are other places around, in web and in real life. On the other hand it's not avoidable to scratch these topics also here. Therefore there is a link section with alternative offers.

What Against the 12 Steps?

A lot. Exactly this is the topic at Here you'll find informations not provided at the offical websites of these anonymous groups. Last but not least a lot of weblinks builded up by people with bad experiences with the groups. was founded in 2003,

until the end of 2005 it had it's 100.000 visitor. wasn't the first website in Germany against the 12 step cult. My special thank is therefore also dedicated to Dieter from Berlin. On his website against AA he showed, that I'm not alone in Germany with my opinion about the 12-step societies. His website isn't existing anymore.

I did a lot of google-searches with different keywords and once I found his site between the 20th and 30th search-results-page.

After this I found many international activists confirming that the 12-step-groups, especially AA and Al-Anon, are destructive cults.

It was like a little succesful inner revolution to me to see that I wasn't alone with my opinions.

Since December 2005 you see a new layout, there are new or edited contents, lot of new visitors and also old loyal visitors. I like to thank all the people giving only a little bit of support and helped this site to survive. Even on the risk to become a focus to the real nasty ones in this anonymous cult.

– D. Sax (noart)

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